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 Forté Products
 is a 55-year-old, US-based, large-part plastics manufacturer. 
We are headquartered in Kansas City, MO and have manufacturing plants in Missouri and Kansas. 
Whereas a lot of plastic manufacturers offer a single molding expertise (injection molding being the largest), we offer our customers a range of process that not only includes injection molding, but also includes rotational molding, thermoforming, open and closed mold fiberglass and CNC finishing. 
This allows for a variety of products such as waste/windshield centers for convenience stores and gas stations; lighting for commercial architectural design; seating and merchandising fixtures for retail stores; motor housings for small power tools; boat hulls, steering columns and fuel tanks for the marine recreational category; and waste management for airlines. 
If you can conceive it, we can manufacture it in plastic.