Industries Served

Forte supports a diverse industry base by serving a wide variety of markets because of the assortment of manufacturing processes and many other services that we offer. Hundreds of clients rely on our technical knowledge, expertise and proven performance to help them thrive in their sectors. Forte is honored to be a part of the following major industries:

Wholesale RV shipments have shown dramatic annual increases since 2016 which means an increased demand for the plastic parts that help sustain the industry.

A key factor in the appeal of one manufacturer’s RV versus the other is improved fuel economy. Weight directly affects fuel cost in the RV’s operation and by replacing heavy metal water and disposal tanks with lighter weight plastic tanks, it contributes to an overall weight reduction. Further, an aerodynamically designed plastic cover for air conditioning units positioned on the RV roof reduces drag and aids fuel economy. As an added benefit, the plastic construction does not dent or corrode like a metal cover would, and maintains a great appearance over extended use.

Parts and products for the management and disposal of waste materials take advantage of the many benefits of the rotational molding and vacuum/thermoforming processes.

Waste management products require the durability, strength, UV inhibition, chemical resistance and fortitude to temperature fluctuations found in the polyethylene materials used in their manufacture at Forte Products. The rotational molding process inherently produces thicker walls in corners with resultant strength and durability needed in the rough handling of end-use environments. Molded-in inserts, as well as other components and hardware, facilitate the final assembly of market-ready finished products. Identity graphics, safety warnings and a wide variety of part colors are used to differentiate a specific marketer’s product. Lids and covers are most often produced by a vacuum/thermoforming process where low-cost tooling and economical cost of manufacture are significant benefits.

Plastic parts, large and small, from covers to tanks, find economic benefits to manufacturers of agricultural equipment and supplies.

Durability and high resistance to adverse environmental elements are beneficial in shrouds that cover important mechanical parts of both, field and residential AG equipment. Spray Tanks that are compatible with chemicals used in the AG industry provide the integrity needed in farm operations. Forte Products is proud of its association with leading, world-wide branded AG equipment manufacturers who rely upon our manufacturing processes and experience to provide the parts and products integral to their on-going success.

Additional Industries

Seats, consoles, live wells, dashes, and rod holders are examples of the kinds of products we make for the marine industry. Some of the boat seats that we manufacture use the rotational molding process that provides for molded-in inserts (fasteners) to be used for mounting hardware thus saving assembly time. Consoles are typically constructed of thin gel-coat like acrylic, thermoformed plastic that is then reinforced with fiberglass to give it the strength required to handle tough boating environments.

Lawn & Garden
Fuel tanks, pulley covers, tool compartments, blower chutes, and grass catchers. These are some of the components common to the industry and that we have been producing for many years. We can accommodate low volume production needs with rotational molding, vacuum forming, and fiberglass. We also handle high volume needs through injection molding.

Mechanical housings, protective covers are a couple of the components that need to meet specific safety regulations such as smoke, fire, FDA, and electrical ratings.

Food Service & Hospitality
Food containers, ice molds, booster seats, catering containers. Our products are made with FDA approved material and many of them have NSF certification for use in all food service prep areas.

Heater housings, targets, trailer components, fresh water containers, protective carrying cases, are just a few of the custom military products we’ve built over the years. We also understand the confidentiality issues surrounding government contracts and will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Thin walled interior panels, duct work, consoles, wheel covers

Outdoor Recreational Equipment
Kayaks, coolers, sports training equipment, deer feeders.

HVAC ducts, jumper boxes, fluid drainage equipment, speaker housings, and multiple injection-molded components are just a few of the automotive products that take advantage of the many plastics processes we offer.


Engine cowlings, doors, protective shields, fiberglass engine covers, state-of-the-art vacuum form TPO door panels.

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